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Introduction of new vegetables offered at Restaurant Tills

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This time at Restaurant Til's Kitchen Garden "Potagier"
We would like to introduce you to the new vegetables we are growing.

This is the potager on the farm.

It's getting a lot bigger!
It's Brussels sprouts.
It is one of the varieties of cabbage, and it grows into bunches like grapes!

What we are currently planting is Romanesco!
A type of cauliflower with fractal-shaped buds, it is often served stir-fried or marinated.

Lastly, there is holy basil, which is said to be the next craze after cilantro.
In Hinduism, it is considered an incarnation of the goddess Lakshmi and is revered as a sacred plant.
It is also an essential herb for Thai cuisine Gapao.

At Restaurant Til's, we serve vegetables harvested from the potager every morning.
Of course, we do not use any pesticides or additives, so please come visit us.

Manufacturing Sales Department Terui

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