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The long holidays, which were blessed with unprecedented good weather, have come to an end.
Many customers came and it was very lively. I hope you enjoyed your time.
Thank you very much to everyone who came from far away and to those who visit us often.

It was Tategamori Ark Farm during Golden Week, where the blue skies, gorgeously and beautifully blooming flowers, and mountains of young leaves sprouting were dazzling, perfect for the beginning of the new era of Reiwa.

This is a photo from last year. This is a scene inside the farm where the Yamaboushi flowers are in full bloom, and about 1,000 Yamaboushi trees will soon start blooming.

Although they are not as gorgeous as cherry blossoms, they are not only pure white, but also cover the large trees as if they were covered in snow, making them a sight to behold.

By the way, this is a small topic, but do you know what "ribo-vege" is?

This is our ribo veg.
It means "reborn vegetables." It is also called regenerated vegetables.

If you are a housewife, you probably know this. I think there are many people who remember it.

Mitsuba is on the left. How many times has it been? It's cute on the windowsill and actually useful at the table.

On the right are radish leaves. I just used the second bud.

It's heartwarming and soothing to watch green leaves grow from vegetable scraps that should have been thrown away.

Recently, it has been attracting attention as a small gardening activity that can be easily done in the kitchen.

At a high school in Oita Prefecture, students have set up a ``ribo-veg study group'' to spread the word about its appeal.

According to the study group,

It is estimated that if all households in Oita City practiced revolving vegetables once, approximately 6 tons of food waste would be reduced.

Is it scary? No, it's wonderful! !

I feel like vegetables that are in season now have special power.

It’s even better if you use vegetables from Tategamori Ark Farm!

After all, it ended up being a PR.

Shizu Hashimoto

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