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Was it a good vacation?

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Today is the last day of the long 10-day Golden Week.
In the second half, the weather was blessed with good weather throughout the country, and I'm sure you went out all over the place.
How are you doing today?
In preparation for work starting tomorrow, you may be resting your body and starting to change your mind.

This is a sudden question, but do you all go donate blood?
During long holidays, there are always fewer people donating blood, and there seems to be a shortage of blood for transfusions.
Recently, swimmer Rikako Ikee has been in the news, but I would like to ask people who are in need and their families to help.
I think this is seriously needed.
When I lived in Iwate, I used to go to the blood donation room in Morioka every month on my day off, but lately I haven't been able to go there much.
Since we are indebted to people, we must be of help. . hey.
The blood composition list sent to you after donating blood can also serve as a barometer of your health.
Please come and see it.
Please also register with the bone marrow bank.
I also became a donor once and gave. In less than three months, he will no longer be eligible due to age.
My bone marrow was donated to a preschool boy in Kyushu, and six months later I received a letter from his mother saying that he is living a healthy life.
There was a report of this.

Our company seeks family happiness.
Grandpa and grandma met their grandchild for the first time in a while during Golden Week. Look at that happy smile again
A happy son and daughter couple.
A daily life full of smiles starts with your daily meals. . We are committed to contributing through food.
Make sure to eat something delicious and healthy for your body.

Even after Golden Week ends, the season continues to be refreshing until the rainy season begins.
Let's go out!

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Hirotaka Oka


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