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It's sunny! !

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It was a pleasant and sunny day, perfect for a walk.

The yellow carpet in the distance is rape blossoms ``Kirariboshi''
There are spots where you can go inside and take photos (^_-)-☆

Shining hill↓↓
Rapeseed flowers ``Kirariboshi''

It's currently in its prime.

A garden view spot with a fragrant breeze.
A tulip field can be seen in the distance.

The view from here is spectacular, so be sure to take a commemorative photo.

Rainbow Hill Tulip Field↓↓

Pansies and tulips in the rose garden.
This year's flower colors are pink and purple.

Yaesaki cherry blossoms are also at their peak.
my favorite spot. Yaesaki cherry tree "Sekiyama" road ↓↓

Tulips are still blooming! !
The best time to see tulips is during Golden Week.
If you haven't yet, please come early.

Agriculture and Livestock Department Katsue Oikawa


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