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Please wait for a while for the tour bus that will guide you around the farm...

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As we enter April, the weather continues to be unstable.
Tomorrow, the ranch will finally open in earnest.
The cherry blossom buds are starting to swell and the flowers are about to bloom soon.
The tulips are also gradually growing, and I think they will be at their best around Golden Week.
Please look forward to it.

Now, from May 11th, the end of Golden Week, a tour bus that will guide you around the farm will start operating.
Until last year, there were three flights a day, but this year there will be two flights a day.
The departure times for each stop are as follows.

①Farm Market Restaurant Tills 11:00 13:00
②Welcome entrance 11:15 13:15
③Tower of Life/Wanpaku Square 11:40 13:40
④ Shining Hill Observation Deck 11:55 13:55
⑤Niji no Oka Garden & Restaurant 12:10 14:10
⑥ Yumemigaoka Garden 12:15 14:15
⑦Tategamori Ham Factory 12:25 14:25
⑧Farm Market Restaurant Tills 12:30 14:30

It will look like this.

We look forward to using the tour bus again this year.

Makoto Chiba, tour bus manager

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