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Even though it's April, it's snowing every day!!!

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This is the scene in front of the farm market this morning.
Soft sunlight, blue sky, white clouds, very cheerful weather
I thought it was starting to happen, but sometimes
Snow is falling.

The snow on March 31st was amazing.

The plum blossoms at Ark Farm are covered in snow.
Speaking of plum blossoms,

The new era name is "Reiwa".
It is the beginning of a new era.
Now, the farm market is entering the new year.
We are renewing.

We started selling nuts and dried fruits by weight at the end of last year.
Move to the ham/sausage/beverage section and buy drinks.
We have also made a makeover and changed the display of frozen products.
Please come and visit our farm market.
Please let the staff know your opinions and impressions.

Farm Market Hiroe Shibuya

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