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No matter what flower I look at, it's beautiful~

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For those who love gardening and flowers, the season has arrived (*^^*)
What should I plant this year? If you think so, please come to Ark Ranch! !

Ark Ranch flower shop plant shopWe are preparing a lot of flower seedlings and looking forward to your visit this year!
I would like to introduce a few recommended products.

Gorgeous double blooms like mini roses [Campanula White Like Me]

[Margaret Cream Pink] A gentle color that changes color after blooming ♥️

Buying in bulk is definitely a good deal! ! Pansy Viola For 20 pots or more, 1 pot is 62 yen including tax! It's also great to share with your flower-loving friends!

We also have rare seedlings that are difficult to obtain!
First come, first served (^o^)/

There are plenty of baskets this year. Recommended not only for gardening but also for everyday use.
We also have one-of-a-kind items, so first come first served!

Terracotta ranges from antique to shabby.

We also sell gathering plantings from time to time.
We are also accepting custom orders.
This is also a one-of-a-kind piece as no two pieces can be made the same! !

 There are some seedlings for which we cannot guarantee the next arrival, so get your favorites early! Recommended.

Yukie Chiba, Agricultural Department

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