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At Ark, we are doing "committee activities"!

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I was thinking, "There's not much snow this year."
A light amount of snow has fallen in Ichinoseki City for the first time in a while.
It's been a long time since I've had cold weather, so I couldn't help but fire two stoves in my room.
Still, it was cold and I was shivering in two ways.

Now, we have "committee" activities throughout our group companies.
There are six committees,
All employees belong to committees.
I don't often meet people from other departments in my regular work, but
The committee meeting, which is held once a month, is also an opportunity for us to meet face to face.

Such committee activities
I was on a committee called the "Customer Satisfaction Improvement Committee."

Although it is called a committee activity,
Everyone's regular work takes priority, so
What we can do by meeting once a month while working in our department.
This means that what you can do is limited to some extent.
Despite this, we have been working to ensure that we can do what we can.

Therefore, this year, we put the most effort into
It was an initiative called "Ranch Guide."

``Staff will stand on the farm and greet customers!''


If you ask just that, you'll get a "?" response, but
Our farm is so large that you can drive around it by car.
Even if you look for staff at the park, you may not be able to find them.
In this case, if a customer enters the park and there is something they do not understand,
If a staff member is not nearby, they cannot ask you right away.

This is your chance to improve customer satisfaction!

Therefore, the committee members became "farm guides".
I stood inside the park to greet customers, answer questions, and show them around the park.
You can also say "thank you" from customers who have contacted you.
I think this has led to improved customer satisfaction.

It is like this.
(The models are Ham Kobo's ace, the ranch's poster girl, and her sister's staff)

That's a very nice smile.

Some of the committee members are from the pig farming division and the ham factory.
In my normal job, I don't have direct contact with customers.
Through our activities, we were able to talk with customers who visited our farm.
I think it was something new for the members and made them think, ``I'm glad we did it!''
Thank you very much for speaking with us.

Although this was my first attempt,
I think it was good that it took shape as an activity.

Committee activities last for one year.
Next year, we will have another member.

Expanding the scope of our activities to serve more customers
I hope to be active.

When the weather warms up, please come visit our farm.
I would like to speak with the staff of the "Ranch Guide".

sales department
Yukako Shinohara

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