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About “Toku Toku Lucky Bag”

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The cold days continue every day! !

In response to your daily patronage
We have been offering since Decemberspecial lucky bag"but
Pre-orders closed on January 6th.

About the content
For the enjoyment of those who purchased
I can't tell you,
Because I think I was packing
If you purchase it, I am confident that you will be satisfied with it.

It was sold in a limited edition of 50 sets each.
We received a lot of inquiries from many people, and we received orders that were almost sold out.

Is it because of the time when people gather from the end of the year to the New Year?
There is more volume than "Lucky Bag B" "Special Lucky Bag A
I received a lot of instructions from you.
"frozenI think the fact that it has a long storage period was also a factor in its popularity.

The Tategamori Ark Ranch online shop has products that will please everyone.
We have it in stock.
We continue to thank you.

Sales Department Logistics Management Tsutomu Kumagai

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