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happy new year.
Thank you for your continued support this year.
What was the situation at the farm market yesterday...
It was my first time selling for the first time.
Due to the good weather, the number of visitors was higher than usual on Saturdays and Sundays.
It was busy.
Some lucky bags are sold out, so if you are looking for one,
Please arrive early.
There is also a lottery where you can win first prize meat for those who spend 3,000 yen or more.
I dealt with a customer who won the prize, and he was very happy.
"I never win when I play the lottery," said one person who asked his family to choose the lottery ticket for him.
It's not someone else's business, it's me at the mountain in Seki, where the consolation prize is tissue.
Why not try fortune-telling this year with lucky bags and lottery tickets?

Manufacturing and sales department
Farm Market Mitsue Sato

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