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Kanji of the year

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The weather has been winter-like for the past week.
Hello, this is Oka from the West Japan Sales Office.

In my last blog, I said what the kanji would be this year, and it seems like today is that day.
Every year at Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto, the chief priest solemnly writes. .
What is the kanji that represents your year this year?
For me personally. . . I guess it's 'running'.
Socially speaking, it's probably a 'disaster' after all.

There are still some prefectures in western Japan where Ark products are not available.
Wakayama prefecture (was there when Takashimaya was there), Fukui prefecture, Ehime prefecture, Yamaguchi prefecture, Saga prefecture, Kagoshima prefecture.
I'm planning on running around next year as well so that you can pick up Ark products near you.
Think about your target kanji for next year.

We often hear people say ``the last of the Heisei era...'' and there are only a few days left this year.
I hope this year will be a good one, and as I get older, my wish becomes stronger and stronger.
I have to make it a good year! We hope to see you again next year.

West Japan Office
Hirotaka Oka


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