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Speaking of winter...

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Today, I feel even more tense due to the cold morning.
At the farm market, the store has been redecorated to winter specifications and new products and products are available.
From this time onwards, we will be displaying small items from plant shop products.
Are you enjoying the changes to the store?

Speaking of winter...
It's hotpot season, but the market's recommended hotpots are
Iwate Yagisawa Shoten "I'd be in trouble without you Sukiyaki sauce" and Tategamori Kogen pork are used to love pork!
Using Kyoto's Uneno ``Dashiya's Shirodashi''
Vegetables from Tategamori Ark Farm, such as komatsuna and mizuna, and Tategamori Kogen pork are used in a night pot, and elegantly made with white soup stock.

Hot pot is a special treat on a cold day.
I'm planning on having a hot pot tonight.

Manufacturing and Sales Department Minako Kikuchi

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