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``Scented Wind Garden'' Paving work latest information ~♪

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The recent warmth was fooling me with the winter-like coldness of the air.
My body can't keep up with the cold and I'm shivering even with two warmers on.

Now, regarding the paving work for "Kaoru Kaze Garden," the people at the construction site also said,
Working while shaking.

Paving work is currently underway around the Lavender Garden and Rose Garden.
Concrete mixer trucks cannot enter the garden.
We are working very hard.

The path leading from the store parking lot to the flower shop's plant shop has also been paved.
it was done! !

Leaf stamps are highly praised by children ☆☆☆

This stamp was made using fresh leaves.
It's so cute (^^♪

I can't wait for it to be completed these days.

The Kaoru Kaze Garden will be closed until spring.
Please look forward to the full story until spring ~(^O^)/
Katsue Oikawa, Agricultural Department


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