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A smile is the best treat.

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 It's January to leave this year.
The weekday buffet that started in October will end on December 7th. After that, we will only be open on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays, and we will be closed for the three-day holiday of Christmas this year.
Today as well, the kitchen was lively, wondering if this would be a good choice for the special Christmas menu.
I wondered where Tills has changed the most this year.
The weekday buffet has just started, and the two second-year employees who joined the company last year are now coming to visit us every day with a very nice smile.
In retrospect, there was a time when I was severely instructed shortly after joining the company and made me cry.
I had a lot of trouble teaching these two first-year students, but now I'm really glad that they're the two of us.
Gain self-confidence → Work with a good smile → Results will follow → You will be evaluated positively by those around you.
These two cute guys are in their second year at Tills.
Customers who visit us will always have a smile on their faces, so please come and be healed.
I am also working every day while being healed by them.

Natural Food Restaurant Tills Miyuki Hashinuma

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