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natural intestine and artificial intestine

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Everyone, when you buy sausage, look for something like ``natural intestine'' on the package.
Have you ever seen it written?
Today we will talk about sausage skin (casing).
I would like to talk about the differences between natural intestines and artificial intestines.

Natural intestines are animal intestines that have been cleaned and disinfected and sorted by thickness (size).
Sheep and pigs are common, but cows and goats are also used.
Natural intestine is strong despite its thinness, has good breathability, and has good elasticity when hardened by drying or heating.
It has a high adhesion to the meat stuffed inside and has a crispy texture.

On the other hand, artificial intestines are made of collagen, which is made from natural proteins.
For example, the red wiener from Octopus-san is an artificial intestine colored red.
It is characterized by its soft texture.
Also, although it is rarely used in sausages, it is used in ham, salami, etc.
There are also casings that are inedible.
At our workshop, we are particular about using natural intestines, and our mini sausages, coarsely ground sausages, white sausages, etc. are made with sheep intestines,
Horseshoe sausages, garlic frank sausages, etc. use pig intestines.
Please try the natural flavor and crispy texture that can only be found in nature.

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