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1day farmer's tour 2018 summary

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The last 1-day Farmers Tour of the year was held in late October.
Since it's autumn, the main thing is "Halloween"!
→ Harvesting pumpkins * Making pumpkin lanterns * Pumpkin pasta * Pumpkin soup and all the pumpkins.

Check out what happened on the day

① Digging sweet potatoes (I was surprised by the large potatoes tied together!)

② Experience making bread for lunch (adults are also serious)

③ Making pumpkin lanterns (Parents and children work together under the guidance of Katsue Oikawa, who plays the role of instructor.)

I wonder if I can do it well?

④Complete. (Both were successful for my first time!)

⑤ Lunch time (I ate homemade bread grilled over charcoal. I received feedback that it was fragrant and delicious.)

The dining table looks like this. Pumpkin pasta, assorted salads you harvested yourself, freshly baked bread↓

⑥Actually, the staff had a surprise for the participants in this table setting.
We casually prepared place mats with images of the day.

``1-day Farmers Tour'' packed with a lot of our Tategamori Ark Farm itself
Thank you to everyone who participated this year.

1day Farmers Tour will be held on Saturday, October 20th
(Coordinator) Kenichi Hashinuma

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