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♪Nice to meet you♪

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Nice to meet you (∩´∀`)∩
This is Yukie Chiba from the bakery.

Every day I commute by car, supported by the sunrise on my way there and the sunset on my way back.
Because of my job, I have to go to work early in the morning.
Perhaps because of this, I often encounter wild animals as I travel, which I secretly enjoy.
Animals I have met in the past 4 months since joining the company
Fox, raccoon, weasel, squirrel, rabbit, deer, Japanese deer, bear (I haven't met them yet (lol))

Every day I am grateful to be able to live in such great nature (o^―^o) Nico

The bread made at the farm market also uses home-grown pesticide-free ground flour and, of course, "Mukatsu Tamago" eggs from home-grown chickens. We do not use margarine or shortening that contains trans fatty acids.

We hope you will try bread grown in nature.

We look forward to your visit.

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