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We received these words from our guests!

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This is Motomura, the manager of the farm market.

The summer holidays for elementary and junior high schools are over, and the autumn air is beginning to drift around the farm.
It was crowded with many customers during the summer vacation period.
Especially during the Obon period, many customers visit and have busy days.
I'm very happy

The farm market has a "barbecue terrace"
It has been used by many customers.
This barbecue terrace is different from a regular barbecue place.
It's very stylishly made

From customers too
"It's so stylish!" I always say.

Until now, there were days when it was so hot that it was difficult to eat outside.
From now on, the temperature will drop
From now on, it will be a barbecue experience.
Please come visit us once.
Enjoy your meal on the BBQ

Farm Market Manager Yoshimasa Motomura

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