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Sakanoue Farm, a new piggery has been completed! !

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Two new piggeries have been built at the Sakanoue Farm of the ARK Pig Farming Department.
The purpose of building a new piggery was not to increase the number of pigs, but to make the existing piggery more beautiful.

In raising pigs in a piggery, various things happen before they are shipped.
Insects and invisible bacteria that cause it will remain in the pigsty even if the pig is gone.
Of course, I will wash it until the next pig comes in, but I can't do it because of time.


By building a new piggery, you can extend the period of thorough cleaning.
It takes time to wash, and the next pig that comes in is less likely to have trouble.
This will enable us to provide our customers with safer, more reliable and delicious pork.

It took a long time to build a new piggery, but I would like to work hard every day to make the most of this piggery and provide better pork.

Sakanoue Farm Yoshida

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