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After the Herb Festa...

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This is Konno from the Tategamori Ark Farm toll gate.
It's been a hot day every day and it's been tough. The toll booth I'm at is surrounded by sunlight, and I sometimes find myself walking around looking for shade. But there's a nice breeze, so I'm able to get through the day safely. 

The other day, the Herb Festa was held for two days, June 30th (Saturday) and July 1st (Sunday). The lavender was blooming beautifully and many people came. The weather was also perfect. There was also an event. Trial classes, concerts, yoga classes, and a tonton derby for everyone to enjoy. We had freshly harvested vegetables for sale and lavender picking, so I'm sure you really enjoyed these two days. Even after the event, everyone continues to come to see the lavender.
You can still pick them. You can also use fresh lavender and weave it into ribbons to enjoy the scent.

Many flowers will continue to bloom in the future.
All of our staff are looking forward to welcoming you.
It's still hot, so everyone please take good care of yourself.

                              Agriculture Department Mineko Konno

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