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A fresh start

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Starting this year, I have been transferred from the "asparagus farm" where I have been involved for many years to the "maintenance team."
The maintenance team is an "unsung hero" department that carries out repairs, repairs, and beautification and cleaning within the farm.
I would like to start with a fresh start and work hard.

Also, it's not a trendy DIY, but it's a "make what you don't have!"
We are also a group of professionals who can make anything.
Those who participated in the Tategamori Ark Farm event may have seen it.
All the equipment used to make roasted pigs is completely original and handmade.

This year as well, we are planning to roast a whole pig at the "Pig Festival/Customer Appreciation Festival" in September.
While you're enjoying the delicious meat, please take a moment to check out our work.

Kazuya Sato

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