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This week on June 28th, I was interviewed on East Japan Broadcasting System (KHB) "Evening LIVE! Kininaru" (

This time, the project is targeted at the time when lavender is in full bloom.

Over 20,000 lavender plants, rare pastured pigs even in Japan, ``egg picking'' that the whole family can enjoy, meals at the restaurant, and ``additive-free soft-serve ice cream'' made with nuts.

It was a full day of filming, but we hope to be able to convey good information to everyone.

The lavender has been in full bloom since last weekend, and we hope more customers will be able to see it.

Please check the broadcast and come visit us at the farm.

The newly released "Nakoro Sausage" will also be broadcast on IBC Iwate Broadcasting "Jajaja TV" from 9:25 am on the 30th.

This is a corner called HOWMUCH. It is becoming popular for lunch boxes and snacks. Please come!

Agricultural Department Tamura

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