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1DAY farmer's tour

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Today, the first 1DAY Farmers Tour of this year was held.

This time, we will make mayonnaise using freshly laid eggs.

Go to the chicken coop and collect a warm egg from under the chicken's belly.
I'm a little nervous...

After collecting eggs, experience farming in the field.
We planted corn. I want it to grow big!
We also had a vegetable harvesting experience.

After the farming experience, we made mayonnaise.
This is my first time making it myself!
After that, I added it to a salad and it was delicious.

There is something special about getting your own ingredients, cooking and eating them.
There are 6 more events scheduled to be held this year, so even if you didn't make it this time, please come and visit us! !

Agricultural Department Takumi Makino


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