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About how to eat delicious ginjo-zuke with 2 pieces!

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The cherry blossoms have become leaf cherry blossoms, but there are also double cherry blossoms, tulips, rape blossoms,
Forsythia, snow willow, etc. are in full bloom!

Today, we have two pieces of Ginjozuke, which is popular at the farm market.
I will briefly explain about it.
The name ginjozuke comes from the fact that ginjo sake lees is added to miso. By adding fermented miso and sake lees, you can create a rich and soft seasoning.

To eat, place a cooking sheet in a frying pan.
Cook over medium heat until golden brown, then turn over and cover with a lid.
You can enjoy it deliciously in about 1 minute on low heat.
Cut into bite-sized pieces and enjoy as a snack with rice, or cut into sticks and enjoy as a snack with alcohol, and since they're delicious even when they're cold, they're perfect for lunch boxes.

My recommended way to eat it is to serve it in a bowl with rice.
Place some shredded cabbage on top and cut into bite-sized pieces.
A delicious ginjo pickled rice bowl topped with freshly ground ginjo pickles and white onions.
is completed!!
We sell it frozen for 1004 yen at the farm market.
We look forward to your visit.

Farm Market Atsunori Onodera


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