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Would you like to enjoy picking eggs at ARK Ranch?

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Hello everyone!

This time, I would like to introduce the egg picking experience that I would like you to experience during Golden Week.

Picking up eggs is an experience where you can pick up the eggs that were laid on that day.
The chickens that lay these eggs are grazing during the day, in a relaxed environment.
Males and females are raised together.

↑ They are pastured chickens.

Therefore, most of the eggs collected by picking eggs are fertilized eggs, so if you put them in an incubator,
Maybe a chick will hatch.

By the way, when you actually pick up eggs, you pick them up from the nest box in the chicken coop.
Sometimes there are chickens in it, so you can also see them very close.

↑It looks like they are actually picking eggs.

Egg picking is held on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays at the egg picking farm of ARK Farm from 11:00 to 14:00.
Why don't you come to ARK Ranch and enjoy picking eggs this Golden Week?

Hiroki Ito, Agricultural Department

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