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German Artisan Colin Bread. New appearance! from frankfurt.

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A baker from Germany came to Ark Farm for the first time in a while.

His name is Colin Abel.

His parents' home was a bakery that had been in business for 499 years. I come from a town near Frankfurt that has three famous churches.

rice field.

It's a town with a lot of bakeries, and it's amazing that it's been there for about 500 years.

It is a relatively large bakery with many artisans, and he is the successor to the bakery in France, America, and Canada.

But he seems to have trained.

At home, we use a variety of flours, but here we only use organic, pesticide-free, home-grown wheat, except for rye flour.

There are restrictions. This is normally quite difficult.

However, Colin is doing it as if it were natural. Japanese tastes, not the image of German bread

It goes without saying that we also create a way to match the style.

I don't just bake bread, I also bake pizza because I love it too. How about some piping hot pizza?

(This is the bread section at today's farm market)

From Colin's agent

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