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Delicious mayonnaise!!

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Hello everyone.
In the past few days, cherry blossoms and kobushi trees have bloomed around Tategamori Ark Farm.
It's starting to feel like spring.
We would love for everyone to come and see us.

And when you visit, along with the wonderful scenery,
Enjoy shopping for delicious Ark Farm products.

There is a lot of meat, ham, and sausage from Tategamori Kogen pork.
I recommend all of them, but I'd like to introduce one that I've been into recently.

It is [Tategamori Kogen Old Egg Mayonnaise].
There are three types: plain, herbal, and odorless garlic.

We use traditional free-range eggs,
It's a very fluffy mayonnaise with a low acidity.

I love mayonnaise, so I tried one and got hooked, and then there are 3 types.
We ate each.

You can use plain just like regular mayonnaise!
Herbs can be fried, like in tartar sauce, or used on their own in sandwiches.
Odorless garlic can also be used as a secret ingredient in dishes.
I purposely use odorless garlic in potato salad.

Everyone please try it.
it's recommended.

It can be purchased at farm markets and online shops.

Sales Department Rie Sugawara


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