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Does food experience up to the age of 3 affect the taste of life?

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hello everyone!
This is Chiba from Tategamori Ark Ranch.

All of a sudden, everyone is concerned about how they choose snacks for their children.
Have you ever been worried?
For mothers who are raising children, through daily meal preparation and snack selection, etc.
I think "taste" and "food" are areas of great interest.

Today is for those people! Introducing Tategamori Ark Farm's "butaman".
​“Pork raised on our own farm” and “Pork raised on our own farm”Pesticide-free/“Butaman” made using “organically grown wheat” is
No additives addedis being made toTherefore, it can be consumed safely by children.

↓That’s it (please click here♪)↓

Even if you try to find additive-free sweets at the supermarket, it is difficult to find them.
Taste begins to develop when the child is in the mother's womb, but children do not experience eating until they are three years old.
It is said to be a very important thing that influences a person's taste in the future.

Children's favorite snacks are carefully selected by mothers,
Please help your child build an important foundation so that they can enjoy and enjoy meals in the future.

↓Customers who purchase pork buns will also receive recommended ways to eat them↓

Sales Department Kaori Chiba

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