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Two yolks in one egg?

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Some of the "old eggs" produced by the chickens we raise are
Sometimes there are eggs that are extra large compared to other "old eggs".
These extra large eggs are sold at Tategamori Ark Farm as ``Fukuju Eggs''.

↑The egg on the right is a regular egg, and the one on the left is a Fukuju egg.
The size is completely different.

There are times when these Fukuju eggs contain two yolks.
The photo below is the actual cut.

In this way, an egg with two yolks in one egg,
It has been said to bring good luck since ancient times and is considered auspicious.

This "Fukuju Egg" is only available at the farm's stores.
When you visit Tategamori Ark Farm, buy this "Fukuju Egg"
Why not try attracting good fortune?

Livestock Department Hiroki Ito

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