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How to identify delicious pork!

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We use fukino corn and there is a difference in temperature.
It's starting to feel like spring day by day.
Well, today we will talk about how to identify delicious pork.
I would like to explain briefly.
First of all, in terms of color, light pink is the best.
This literally means a pale, slightly grayish gloss.
I would say it's a delicious pink color.
I feel like I'm going to bite my tongue**.
Next is fat. The first thing I want to tell you is
Fat brings out the flavor of meat! Nowadays, less fat
People seem to like red-flavored meat, but in order to eat meat deliciously,
Requires a moderate amount of fat.
Finally, as I'm sure you all know, ***
The best meat is fine and soft. What is texture?

It is a collection of the smallest tissues in the meat, and varies depending on the part.
Conditions vary, but it is essential for checking the tenderness of the meat.
Furthermore, the clearer the boundary between lean meat and fat, the fresher it is.
Why not use this as a reference when choosing pork? And by all means, enjoy a delicious meal.
Please join us and have a great time tonight.

Farm Market Atsunori Onodera


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