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Stone age meat? ?

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when I was a child
I was watching an anime called Gyatles.
I'm sure some of you remember it.
Chew the bone-in meat.
It definitely gives me heartburn, but for some reason it still appeals to me.
People who feel the same way as me
Tategamori Ark Farm will meet your expectations.
Approximately 4 kg of thigh ham
You can purchase it for 10,800 yen.
We recommend servings for 5 to 10 people.
Because this is a special product, it may take longer to deliver than regular products.
This is a product that is hard to find in stores.
If you have the opportunity to gather in a large group, you may want to consider it as one of the menu items.
Is it not?
It's a delicious ham that's a great conversation piece.

Mitsue Sato


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