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The wonder of sweet winter vegetables!

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The days are still cold, but the days are getting longer and I'm excited that spring is coming (゚v゚*)

Recently, when I was eating vegetables from the farm, I realized that they were very sweet! I felt that.
I thought it was strange, so I did some research and found out that winter vegetables reduce their water content and increase their sugar content to protect themselves from the cold! The higher the sugar content in the water, the more difficult it is for vegetables to freeze.
that's strange~~~! Another new discovery! (・ω・ )!

You can enjoy such sweet farm-grown vegetable dishes at Till's buffet♪

The sweetness is multiplied by the love of Till's staff ♡
Please come to Restaurant Til's.

All the Till's staff are waiting for you♪♪

Production and Sales Department Restaurant Tills Arisa Chiba

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