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Happy new year
​This is Honma from the sales department.

Today is the last day of the 3-day weekend, and it's also Coming of Age Day.
I'm talking about 20 years ago.
It feels like it's already been that long.

At the time, I was attending a university in Kanagawa Prefecture.
I still have memories of returning to my hometown of Chiba and attending the ceremony.
It was also very cold and rainy.
I remember meeting my classmates for the first time in a while and talking about what happened back then and reporting on the current situation.

Recently, on the evening news on the day I became an adult,
There was a lot of drinking, a lot of commotion, and violence.
It's a shame that so many incidents end up on this auspicious day.
I hope that many of the people who came of age this year will become famous in Japan and around the world.
I am also small, but I remember what happened 20 years ago.
I want to spend the day feeling fresh.

I pray that this year will be a good one for all of you.
Thank you for your continued support in the year.

​Sales Department Nobuaki Honma

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