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Tategamori Kogen Pork Premier Cru finally on sale

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This is Teppei Matsubara from the Tokyo office.

I joined the company in April, and 2017 is already coming to an end.
​At our business partners in Tokyo, the sales floors are in Christmas mode.
The sales floor is gradually becoming more lively.

Last week, we sold Tategamori Plateau Pork Premier Cru in stores.

​Tategamori Kogen Pig Premier Cru is a project that started last year.
These pigs are healthy and raised on natural pasture, and can only be prepared once a year.
This is extremely valuable, and due to the environment in which it is bred, it can only be delivered in a very limited number.

It was sold here.

Queen's Isetan Shinagawa store
Ginza Mitsukoshi
​Fukushimaya main store

These are all very famous shops.
It makes me nervous. . . .

In fact, both products are still on sale from last year.

It's my first time selling and I'm nervous.
​When customers actually try it...

“Is this pork?”
"The fat melts in your mouth and disappears."
“Is this really just seasoned salt?”←A lot of people told me this.
``After you swallow it, it leaves a slight sweet smell in your mouth.''
"He grew up running around happily in the great outdoors."
​“I bought it online last year too.”

Thank you very much for your kind words.
We were able to introduce our products to many customers and have them purchase them.

They run around happily outside, receive plenty of love from their mother, and drink a lot of milk.
I grew up eating organic and pesticide-free wheat from the farm without hesitation.

This flour is usually used to make bread and sweets, and is very delicious.
It's flour. This is organic flour grown without pesticides.
What's more, it's from Ark Farm and grown by you.
I gave it to the pig. . .
There's no reason it's not delicious!

A very rare free-range pig sold once a year.
Tategamori Plateau Pork Premier Cru

Mail order sales have ended...

We will be selling it at a store in Tokyo next week.

As plannedFriday, December 22ndThan

Linkos River City Store <Tsukishima Station>
​Lincos Baytown Store <Kaihin Makuhari Station>

It is scheduled to be sold here.

If you haven't tried it yet, please come and try it!
This year's taste has been evaluated as better than last year's.
If I miss it, it will be again next year. .

Have you ever eaten pasture-raised pork?

Curious about what it tastes like?

You won't know until you try it ^^
However, please refer to the customer's reaction mentioned earlier.
The hint is "what did you eat a lot growing up?"

Christmas is almost here, so please come and enjoy it with your family and loved ones.
I'm sure everyone will be filled with smiles the moment they eat it ☆

I bought it home and sautéed it.
It was so delicious that one slice wasn't enough (lol).
           Sales departmentTokyo Office Teppei Matsubara

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