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Kaoru Kaze no Garden will be closed until spring! !

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From today, December 4th (Monday) until spring, the fragrant wind garden will be
The park will be closed.
Look forward to a garden full of flowers next spring~♬

However, that doesn't mean it's just closed!
We need to take good care of it during the winter in preparation for next spring.

Planting tulip bulbs, attracting and pruning roses, and composting
・Plowing in mulch, etc. etc.
My head hurts just thinking about it.
But it's a fun job if you can put up with the cold (*^^)v

Today we have white and purple tulips in the garden along the stream.
I planted the bulbs.
I'm excited to see if it will bloom beautifully, but next spring there will be pansies and violas.
It is completed by planting.

Now then, my favorite “Scented Wind Garden”
View spot. Early summer garden and pure white gazebo↓↓
See you next spring at the fragrant wind garden♪

Katsue Oikawa, in charge of the fragrant wind garden

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