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Tategamori Wind Festival 2018 "Tategamori Gottsuo Marathon" is now accepting participants! !

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Sponsored by Ecole TategamoriTategamori Wind Festival 2018,

"The 3rd Tategamori Gottsuo Marathon"We are looking for participants for

Feel the winter of Tategamori Highlands and run on a course with a lot of ups and downs and get a good sweat.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

In addition to the 11.5km "adult division" and 2.5km "children's division", the "parents and children division" has been added this time, and parents and children can run together to finish the 2.5km.

After working up a good sweat, delicious food and a warm hot spring are waiting for you♨

Also take a breatherFrom 1:00 pm at Tategamori Ark Ranch

"Everyone Gathering!! The Wind Child Family"

We are planning an event that both adults and children can enjoy ♪

It's a full day that blows away the cold! !

For more information on how to apply for the marathon, please see the page below.

We look forward to your participation everyone!

Ayumi Sugawara, Livestock Department


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