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As we enter November, there are many cold days.
Strong winds tend to blow here in the Tategamori Highlands, so it feels especially cold.
However, the pigs are growing bigger day by day and are happily running around the grassland.

It's been 5 and a half months since she was born, and she weighs about 115 kg!

By the way...

This was the day after I was born. It's about 1.5kg.


Around 60 days after birth. It's about 30kg. It was so mischievous and cute! !

If you look at it this way, a pig can increase its weight by about 100 times in about six months after it is born! great! !
Come to think of it, just like the pigs, my weight has increased by about 1.2 times compared to when I was younger.
It looks like both the pig and I are still growing lol

​Livestock Department Takumi Makino

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