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21st Annual Charity Pork Show

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It's November, and there are only two months left in this year.
We are also planning the 21st Charity Poke Show on January 19th next year.

What is a charity pork show?
The original idea was an employee New Year's party. Afterwards, we invite everyone involved to a meeting to express our gratitude and hospitality.
The main event of this event is the auction! !
Ark products are sold at auction, and the proceeds are donated in full to Ashinaga Scholarship Foundation and other organizations every year.

At the charity pork show scheduled for next year, we will not only have an auction, but also entertainment by our employees and competitions for guests to participate.
In particular, the entertainment is prepared and practiced in advance every year, making it a spectacular event.
We are still in the preparation stages, so not everything has been decided, but the Charity Poke Show Executive Committee is working hard as one. We will do our best to make the event enjoyable for not only our guests, but also our employees.
Charity Pork Show Executive Committee Sho Sasaki

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