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Kitchen car dispatched!

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Ark Farm's kitchen car was dispatched to the Ichinoseki Balloon Fiesta!
As many as 10 kitchen cars from Iwate and Miyagi gathered at the venue.

Despite the unfortunate cloudy skies, many visitors came to see the moment the balloons took off.
An army of kitchen cars were also busy selling food to satisfy the appetites of the audience.

Usually, most of the outside sales are done by vendors in tents, but this time it's different.
Some people even came all the way from Morioka to the event venue to see the large number of food trucks.
When 10 kitchen cars were lined up, the impression was so bright that the word ``gorgeous'' could be used to describe it.

The colorful balloons soar into the sky one after another,
The riverbed where the event was held was a spectacular sight with both the sky and the land.

Kenichi Hashinuma

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