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This year's Christmas wreath is handmade!

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Time flies and there are only two months left in this year. There is a lot of work to be done at the farm in preparation for winter, and all the staff members are very busy in the lead-up to December.

By the way, we are planning a Christmas wreath making class at Ark Ranch again this year.

Period: November 25th (Sat) - December 17th (Sun)
Location: Tategamori Ark Ranch Experience Studio
Time 10:00-15:00 (about 2 hours)

Price: Large (40cm diameter) 5,400 yen
     Medium (30cm diameter) 3240 yen
     Small (20cm diameter) 2,160 yen
The price includes material costs.

I really enjoy working while chatting with my friends and family (*^^*)

Please apply at least one week before your reservation for 2 or more people (2 or more sets).

Contact us 0191-63-5100
             Tategamori Ark Farm Plant Shop
Don't miss this year's Christmas with the only original wreath in the world! !

We'll be expecting you. (⌒0⌒)/~~
                               Farm Department Yukie Chiba


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