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The fragrant wind garden is in the middle of summer♪

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It's been hot every day.
Even the flowers are feeling a little summer fatigue in this intense heat.
Summer flowers are blooming rapidly in the fragrant wind garden.

I planted Sunpatiens for the first time this year.
It's said to be a flower that can withstand the summer heat, so it was chosen as a terracotta flower that receives lots of sunlight.
When I planted it, it was suffering from heat during the day and summer.
If you see this child having a hard time in the summer, please support him.
The heat this year is scary!
Sunpatiens has a wonderful water sprinkling effect, ability to purify air pollutants, and ability to purify water quality.
He has great abilities.
And it's a great variety that blooms all the way from summer to fall.

The area around the fountain is also cool with my favorite color scheme, pale pink and blue.
The pink color is Salvia pink pulco.
The blue color is Ageratum Top Blue, a variety that grows taller.
Both are annual plants, but you can enjoy their flowers until autumn.

And an herb garden.
This year, I wanted to create a gorgeous herb garden, so I mainly planted large perennial salvias.

Perfect for summer flowers! ! "Bock Sage" with a cool appearance

"Salvia Yellow Majesty" has lovely yellow flowers that sparkle in the strong sunlight.

"Pineapple sage" is popular for its bright red flowers and has a pineapple scent.

"Meadow Sage" with its impressive deep blue-purple color

There are so many flowers in the garden that I can't tell you about them yet.

As it is called Tategamori Plateau, it is cool in the evening, so why not take a walk?

Katsue Oikawa, in charge of the fragrant wind garden


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