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It has become hot!

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Even in the heat of over 30 degrees every day, the piglets on the asparagus farm
It is growing smoothly and steadily.
When it gets hot, both people and pigs want to drink water, so dricomat
Now add one to each piggery.
In this heat, dehydration and heatstroke are a fine line.

This is the water supply "Drikomat".
There is a stick in this, and when you push it, water comes out.
A small amount of water collects in the bottom.
Tell the piglets, 'Push the stick and water will come out! I will tell you that.

What does this photo look like to the average person? It's a specialized tool with a strange shape that I don't understand, but there are different sizes for piglets, parent pigs, and meat pigs.
Asparagus Farm Kazuaki Onodera

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