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Feed factory completed! !

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hello everyone! ! We have entered the rainy season, and the rain comes and goes, making us feel uncomfortable.
This is a time when both people and pigs tend to get sick, but let's prepare for the hot summer by eating pork (^▽^)/
The taste of this pork is greatly influenced by the feed.
Until now, we had a feed company manufacture feed for Ark's Tategamori Kogen pigs.
However, we wanted to carefully select the raw materials for the feed for the pigs we raise, and feed the pigs fresh feed, so we recently built a feed factory.
that name as well
"Arc feed"
Feed means fodder.

This photo was taken before the factory started operating, but we plan to start producing feed one after another starting this month.
This is a storage room for raw materials.

This is a bulk vehicle (feed transport vehicle) exclusively for arc feed.
It is painted in the arc color wine red and stands out very much! !
The initial production volume will not be very large, but we will gradually increase it.
In the future, we will also promote the use of feed rice, etc.
The compost produced during the production of Tategamori Plateau pigs is turned into fertilizer using young leaves → The fertilizer is used to make feed rice → The feed rice is fed to the Tategamori Plateau pigs.
We can take the circular agriculture that our founding president was aiming for one step further!
Personally, I would like to eat the feed we produce and eat the pork we raise as soon as possible.
Everyone, please wait for a while until the appearance of Tategamori Kogen pigs who have eaten Ark Feed feed!
Pig Farming Division Shuhei Ikeda

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