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The 24th National Herb Summit and Herb Festival will be held tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

It was a busy day preparing each venue for the actual event.

The display work at Fujisawa Cultural Center's Jomon Hall, which will be the venue for the summit, is also progressing steadily.

An introduction corner for Ark Ranch has also been completed.

A signboard has been installed at the main entrance of Ark Farm.

The special lavender field venue where the ``Lavender Concert'' will be held is also fully prepared. You are sure to have a wonderful time with the children's wonderful singing voices echoing in the soothing space!

I hope that many people will come to the venue and enjoy the herbs with all five senses.
We will be holding events that you can enjoy while getting familiar with herbs at each venue, so please look forward to it!
                                  Farm Department Yukie Chiba


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