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[1 bag free for a limited time only! ! ]

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hello everyone.
Today we will share some useful information with you.

●“Tategamori Soil Megumi”●
If you order a 3-bag set or a 5-bag set,

Oh my God! Get 1 bag free! !

Limited to those who place an order during June.
For more details ⇒here

① Gardening by creating healthy soil
- Fertilizer that is thoroughly matured without using chemicals brings out the natural power of the soil.

② Sweet and delicious
- Organic fermentation produces sweet and delicious vegetables. The flowers also have good color and last a long time.

③Easy even for beginners
- Nitrogen, phosphoric acid, and potassium are well balanced, so this is all you need.

Please feel free to use it at home.

Sales Department Kaori Chiba

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