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Lavender has started to bloom.

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A lavender field carefully cultivated by the farm department

This is the recent situation.

Finally“National Herb Summit Festival IN Ichinoseki” coming up next weekend

Preparations are also underway at the Ark Ranch venue.

This will be the venue for the main event, the Lavender Field Concert, but the blooming is a little later than last year.

Yes. But don't worry. It will be in full bloom next week.

It's been a long time since I last held a lavender concert in an outdoor field.

In the past, even though it was called "Lavender Concert," it was held inside the Herb Hall.

I think it will be a grand stage. looking forward to! It will be held rain or shine.

But I'm sure it will be sunny!

By the way, on the other hand,

The potato flowers are beautiful.

Kitakari no Hana Make-in Flower Baron's Flower

Vegetable flowers are relatively plain, but they are actually beautiful.

Onions are also starting to gain weight.

This is an onion field full of grass and grown without pesticides.

                                                                                     Ark Ranch Photographer


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