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Popular curry for Golden Week☆

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What did you do during Golden Week?

There were many sunny days and it felt great.
At Tategamori Ark Ranch,
The tulips at Yumemigaoka Garden are at their peak,
We welcomed many people.

Thank you to everyone who came to visit us.
There is a curry that has been released during Golden Week!

Pork curry from Till's, a natural food restaurant located on the farm.
I made it so you can enjoy it at home.

"Whole grain organic JAS wheat from ranch"
& ``Tategamori Plateau pork lard'' is used and is full of special care.

Finished without adding colorants, thickeners, fragrances, or chemical seasonings.
The curry has been improved many times before it is finally completed.

We had customers come to sample the product during Golden Week.

It is made with a sweet taste, so children will enjoy it too.
I am very happy that you enjoyed your meal.

Thank you for your positive feedback.
Let's have curry in the summer too☆彡

                                             Farm Market Chiba Akemi

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