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Golden week only! You can meet chicks at the egg picking farm

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It's been 2 days since golden week.
During this year's Golden Week, the weather has continued to be good, and many customers are visiting the ranch.

During this Golden Week, you can enjoy the egg picking experience at the egg picking farm.
And only during Golden Week, chicken chicks are on display at the egg picking reception tent!

↑ It's palm-sized and very cute

These chicks are hatched from eggs laid by the chickens of Tategamori Ark Ranch.
Tategamori Ark Farm's "mukashi tamago" is a fertilized egg, so if you continue to warm it, the chick will hatch.
It is a very small and cute chick, but because it will grow into a fine chicken soon
It won't be long before we see this chick.

The chicks are only on display during Golden Week, so when you come to the egg picking farm,
Please drop in at the egg picking reception tent.
Cute chicks are waiting!

Pastoral Department Hiroki Ito

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