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[Until 5/9] Mother's Day gifts are being accepted!

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Hello everyone.
My name is Shinohara, and I'm in charge of the mail order sales department.

The flowers in the ranch have started to bloom in the middle of April.
Do you know the flower of "kobushi"?
I first learned about it when I came to Iwate Prefecture.

Such a big flower blooms (it was still in the middle of blooming).
It's so cute~

By the way, I think that you have decided on the schedule for Golden Week, etc.
After Golden Week, May 14th is Mother's Day.

Do you give presents on Mother's Day?
Are you expressing your gratitude on a daily basis?

For those of you who are worried about gifts for Mother's Day,
We have the perfect gift set for you at Tategamori Ark Ranch!

Anyway, I didn't give a present on Mother's Day every year, but
For the past few years, I've been giving Mother's Day gift sets from Tategamori Ark Ranch.
I am very happy.

Two types of Mother's Day gifts!
Please choose according to your mother's taste.

In addition, we will deliver according to Mother's Day (5/14),
The mother who received it is also doubled in joy! I am sure you will.

Also, this time as "Mother's Day Limited",
"4 gifts to choose from" and "Mother's Day limited message card" are also included.

To express my gratitude to my mother,
Would you like to donate ingredients from Tategamori Ark Ranch?

We look forward to your order.

Place your order here

Sales Department Shinohara

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