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For Golden Week

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It's finally getting warmer here in Ichinoseki.
The flowers and trees in the grounds are gradually starting to bud.

​We will soon reach the Golden Week, the biggest time for posting at Tategamori Ark Farm.
Our employees are working hard to prepare for this.

The sales department I belong to is no exception.
Preparation and information flyers for Golden Week campaign announcements,
We are busy with preparations such as printing and setting up pamphlets.
Also, using SNSPhoto submission campaignand special products, etc.
We are thinking of something elaborate.
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And during Golden Week, we will be serving the famous Tategamori Ark Farm.
“Yaki Sausage” grilled over charcoalwill also appear.
It is a masterpiece that is very satisfying in terms of volume and taste, and I enjoy it every year.
There are many people who come, eat two or three, go and take out,
This is a very popular product.

Currently, it is another specialty of the farm at this time of year.400,000 tulipstoo,
We are growing steadily.
It will be a spectacular view during Golden Week.
​This year,New facility “Welcome House Kinomi”is completed or
The scenery has changed and there are more things to see than usual!

Please come and visit us with your family during the upcoming Golden Week.
All of our employees are looking forward to seeing you.

​ Sales Department Honma

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